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Motorcycle freedom formula

The freedom formula of West Euro Bikes is intended for all those who wish to live a trip on a motorcycle secure and without constraints.
The liberty in moto formula consists of the following benefits: l’air reservations d’hotels reservations for motorcycles and a pre-established route.
Feel free to enjoy your stay as you wish, the route proposed n’are not taxed!
Motorcycles: Depending on the country you have d’a more or less important choice of motorcycles. They are adapted the country and its road network.
Hotels: always of good grades, they are selected depending on the location, the price and standing.
Routes: studied by experts from West Euro Bikes, the routes you are shown on maps and sometimes when it s’necessary by GPS points.

A trip accompanied by formula

The formula for trips accompanied by s motorcycle’intended for those who wish a stay without worrying about l’Organization and the Logistics.
Our groups are composed of 8 to 14 people either 5 to 10 motorbikes, according to the destination.
Your guide will be onboard d’vehicle assistance for the transport of your luggage or on a motorcycle. L’supervision is carried out either by a permanent member of lovely’West Euro Bikes team , or l’one of our escorts.
L’attendant n’is not a travel guide. It is there for the good conduct of the stay, he knows the routes, the stops don't miss, as well as the good restaurants and good addresses. On certain destinations, options are available to book a tourist guide official on-site. Categories d’Hotels are identical to the liberty stays.

Travel West Euro Bikes with transport of motorcycles

West Euro Bikes ’is also the formula transport motorcycle on the box Europe but also towards the Morocco and the Turkey. This formula s’address to our customers who want to ride their own bike to destinations that require more of three days Road.
The transport is carried out by our semi - trailer double storey. The motorcycles are d’loaded onto a metal palette, and then thanks’lift they are loaded in the semi. For this type of stay a minimum number of 15 motorcycles is required.
Morocco, Turkey, Portugal stays are in full Boardwith flights departing from Paris or the province. Luggage is transported by a vehicle’assistance and for sections of track, a 4 × 4 is in last. One motorcycle Guide Opens the road. These circuits are calibrated so that the owners of motorbikes Road or trails can live their passion in peace.